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Arthur Fleischmann [fs:261]

a tady samozrejme taky
(not that I am expecting you to come back, but this is, at least in my eyes, brilliant)

TS ma recht.
to je supr, ze se tu nekde neco takhle vynori!

The Straight Story road movie - lashed tractor ,)
nice, clear

this one is really good. (just came back and realized i didnt leave comment before.)

lxs. i realy like this feeling that's radiating from your images.

heck, to me it seems very fleischmann-ish even though it's a portrait...

other than that,
/agree http://www.fstop.cz/e/rihosek/comments/to-fleischmann/080904-1018/

i think the better part still is the building, arthur ;)
but way to go.

No, nothing commercial. After all the landscapes and buildings I just felt like taking pictures of people for a change. ;-) I really like to look at good portraits, but taking them myself is difficult for me and I don't have much experience.

I also had to think of Martin Kollar!

Well I think there are similarities in subject matter between my picture (and the ones I recently uploaded) and Look at the Future but while Tomas Pospech's is a documentary project mine is not. At least I don't see it that way.

I am not too excited about Pospech's series. The concept sounds good: The culture inside multinational companies - this is something which I find very interesting and which could potentially also be an interesting topic to explore in a photo project. But I agree with Doug that the actual result in Posepch's case is kind of lacking.

Much better I liked his Castle Owners series. :-)

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