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Author: Arthur Fleischmann
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2008-08-21 21:04, film: medium format

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The Straight Story road movie - lashed tractor ,)
nice, clear


David Lynch - The Straight Story :)


Thanks, again. Silvia, no problem about your association. ;-)


nice "render" :))) ... like it


Arthur this is a real bumper... love it
hope you wont feel offended when I say that this was my first association
http://www.iwatchstuff.com/2008/06/02/wall-e-cooler.jpg :)


aseptic/inorganic. i don't like it. the previous one was much much better.


nice one, and so clean ...


you are, of course. im tired/not from your pictures.)


It is perfect, all things in the picture are perfectly "working" together!


guess, comes time when you start portraying things other than tractors and hosepipes using this technique... i'm definitely hooked up to see more ;)


looks soo unreal. (historic digression: some years ago, this was what botched-up "photorealistic" 3D scenes looked like.)
thing is, i aint sure if that's really the thing to make it look appealing to me. perhaps the most appealing thing then, is the question itself. ;)


libi, ale vic bych rezal spodek... resp. tak, aby byla sirsi... jinak super .o)


Tento obrázok si predstavujem, že visí na stene JZD - Postoloprty... inak mi ten minimalizmus lezie na nervy... Yes!


Doug, yes, I feel the same. And no, I didn't do much at all in post-processing, just minor colour and contrast adjustments. I think it was as Tomas said, the light was reflected from the ground and the building and it was slightly filtered to begin with, the sky was a bit hazy.


By the way, about the 6x7 format. The camera I use actually produces negatives which are closer to a 4x5 aspect ratio. By now I have really learned to like this format a lot, but it took me quite some time to get used to it. You have to compose differently compared to 35mm.


Yes, I think you're right. I think there is a certain sterile feeling to the whole picture.


i think the strong frontal "lighting" further amplified by the bright pavement is to blame... natural scenes are not usually so full of light.


Maybe because it's so "clean"?


Hmmm... interesting. I think it looks a bit that way. I wonder why?


i mean i might have a hard time telling whether the picture is a photo or a computer-generated image (if i didn't know and somebody asked me).


Tomas, what do you mean by "like a render"?


yeah, 6x7 is interesting, i never knew if i hated or loved it... probably both. :)

as for the scene - to me it feels a bit too much like a render, but if that's what you're after, good. it certainly fits with the previous posts. it's just that i tend to prefer "casual elegance."


Sorry Tomas I know the lines are jagged again. ;-)

Arthur Fleischmann - <>