[My home; x-rays in a window]
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Author: Arthur Fleischmann
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2008-07-31 20:06, film: medium format

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das hab ich mich versteht


got both the same carpet and parquetry.
could use the couch though... leather? ;)

the view reminds me of Ana's (Trninic) shots. which is positive :).


the first i wanted to say was... whatta great scene behind the window ;-) nice picture.


Jiri, at first I was also going for a close-up, but I'm glad I didn't eventually. I think I often tend to exclude the surroundings and focus on details (see for example my first set of pictures here on fstop) in my photographs. But in this picture I think it's good to see a bit of the environment, to have some context. I also like the different patterns, how the light is reflected from the couch etc.


in fact, this picture is for me only about the x-rays and i have to say, i would focus my attention only on the window with them.

but... it would be just boring picture of the x-rays in the window with sunblind...your approach is better, with color match in lower part.


Petr, interesting comment about the tree. I have to say I'm glad there's a tree in front of the window, for several reasons. For instance, I think the green is in contrast to the colours of the interior, also the leaves kind of block the view outside.

Ondrej, thanks, I think it's associations like the ones you mentioned that interest me here. This for sure is no documentary picture, it was taken in my actual home but in fact I think it's not that important.

Hello, Douglas! :-) Nice to see (read) you here!


i have almost the same carpet ;)

not much pic for me, i know you couldn't cut the tree but green is not very pleasing for me here


oh: are you paid for commenting on comments or what?


your x-rays? did you shoot them? or is it like family portraits? or something less humorous?
just a couple of weird associations. :)
i like your home.

HN: are you paid for saying "no vertical shooting" on every corner or what?


I normally don't read everything in the boards, so I was not ready to read such an excentrical pose, that's the reason I wanted to react. (what about circular pictures? Or eliptical, this was very fashionable about 100 years ago)
I didn't forget to write something about a picture. I just wrote nothing, its simple like this...


i like it very much.
simplicity with sense.


:)) right.

i like your approach, arthur.

as for the picture, i'll keep coming back and see how it turns out.


Funny, I think on a different picture I uploaded somewhere (I think not here, though) someone commented he only likes 6x7 format pictures if they are vertical. Anyway, I don't know if vertical pictures are more difficult to take. In case of this picture I took horizontal as well as vertical shots but I just liked the vertical ones much better. Could be because the window and the x-rays are of a similar aspect ratio than the whole photo.

This little discussion here reminded of something I once read in a book by Jeanloup Sieff, I looked it up. The author in conversation with Robert Doisneau:

"JLS: Is there a phallic symbolism in the vertical composition of the image, in contrast with that of self-abandon in the horizontal plane?
RD: Disturbing choice, the virile or the lascivious, the obelisque or the odalisque. Ah, but what a context for the leaning tower of Pisa!"

Something to ponder, people!


and by the way you forgot to leave a word about the picture ;)


tomas, there was so much written about this in boards and below photos that i don't see any point in repeating it again. naturally i like many vetical pics but it's much more difficult to take them. much more. ;)
(and let's stop that shit with squares :))


HN: you dislike "vertical shooting"?

sounds bizarre for me.
most portraits are shot so (it gave this format the name), all posters, magazine covers, most of the books... I would wild guess that in the end ist this way of recepting a picture the most seen ever. But that's not the point. I simply can't imagine that something like this can play a role. What about square? :-)
It seems to me like when someone would say to me, he can eat a fish soup only if he would be wearing a fireman's helmet, just a little dada.


I don't agree.
And I like it too. It works..


welcome back, arthur. i do like the scene... but i definitely dislike vertical shooting -> especially here it doesn't work.

Arthur Fleischmann - My home; x-rays in a window